Towards Beta… and figuring out Monetization

Last week and the week before, we got local storage  and the structure of the UX  in place.  We are into week 4 and this week our focus was on testing for performance and certification validation, and figuring out monetization

Performance Improvements

The ‘Before’ - ‘After’ screenshot was one of the highlights for us this week


BioIQ Performance Test report - before optimization

(Analysis at the beginning of the week - Before)


BioIQ Performance Test - Post Optimization

(Analysis at the end of the week - After)


The context for the performance analysis is the broader Windows 8 Metro Style App Certification Process.  The guidelines for the performance Analysis is here.

At a very high level, we see the thrust of the analysis to be around

                * Resource usage (Memory, CPU) especially during transitions from various view states (Launched / Active /Snap /Suspended etc)

                * UX - handling screen sizes, resolutions, differentiated Windows control and so on.

Snappy performance will be key when the Ultrabook is in ‘consumption’ mode, hence we will continue to work through relevant improvements over the next few weeks.  And the certification validation will be important to actually get the app into the Windows store.


Monetization …

As an edu-game app, our current monetization approach is in-app purchase (IAP) of additional game levels, with an initial free download and free level.

As per this announcement the windows app store will support IAPs.  On the other hand, we have also seen a note saying “Windows 8 supports only free apps and free in-app offers” (MSDN Ref) .  We have reached out to Microsoft to get the facts confirmed. 

We would be surprised (and disappointed) if IAPs are not supported, since top grossing apps in the IOS and Android markets use this monetization mechanism.  And so we are developing in our local environment, with the assumption that the first announcement will stand and IAPs will be supported.

 BioIQ Purchase Next Game Popup

The truth of the pudding will be revealed only when we have access to the Windows Store . We also initiated the process with Microsoft on this.

Game Experience Refinement

On the small screen of a mobile device, one can get away with some visual approximations, but the Ultrabook screen is not as forgiving (a photograph often looks good in the camera’s display, and then you see it on your computer and realize that it isn’t as sharp as you want it to be), which led us to make lots of seemingly small but, we felt, necessary refinements, like

  • Hot-spot scaling - The sensitive area to the action of label has to scale appropriate to the active screen size.
  • Hot-spot grouping - Making the touch, drag, swipe action to be performance better on the Ultrabook
  • Hot-spot accuracy - Again, a refinement required to the high sensitivity of the Ultrabook

We will take a break from the weekly posts next week, since we will be in IDF  next week… come by or tell us where you are because we would love you to come by and say hi.



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